Parcels and boxes facilitating the transportation of fruits and vegetables are specially designed for your product range with their structures in different sizes and designs. It is important that the boxes preferred during transportation or storage of fruits and vegetables have a long-lasting and durable structure. In addition, the use of parcels or boxes, instead of carrier materials made of wooden material, provides storage or transportation opportunities at much more affordable costs. In this sense, you can ensure that your product range is transferred in a healthy way by paying attention to the quality of the fruit & vegetable boxes produced.


What are fruit & vegetable boxes and parcels?

With the vegetable & fruit boxes that stand out with their high weight, you can transport your products in a healthier and safer way. In this respect, the boxes are designed and produced specifically for the fruit that is targeted to be transported. While the box designs of tomato or similar products have the same dimensions and dimensions, more suitable box designs can be made for bananas and derivative products. In addition, you can have special parcels and boxes for your brand with design dressing works that will ensure that the designs reflect your brand and corporate identity.

Parcel and box materials preferred in this process have a moisture resistant structure. Thus, the possibility of deformation of parcels and boxes is minimized. The outer and inner surfaces of the boxes, which are produced by choosing high-weight kraft material in order not to deform during transportation and transportation, can be designed as desired. In addition, a more corporate box design can be created by processing the brand emblem or the desired colors inside the box floor.


What do vegetable & fruit box designs consist of?

Different designs can be made in vegetable and fruit box designs. You can have boxes that contribute to the awareness and image of your brand thanks to the designs obtained with the quality printing method. In this process, it can be ensured that the brand emblem, colors and the message that is desired to be highlighted as a corporate are included in the parcel. Design work can be done on the white outer surface, as well as on the inner surface in a different way.

In addition to the design, the box size and dimensions can be planned differently from each other. Especially for closed box preference, modular boxes consisting of parcels and lids can be produced. It is important to choose the most suitable box according to the products included in the brand. Thus, it becomes possible to minimize costs with the packaging process that provides optimum efficiency.


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