The first tangible contact you establish with your customers while marketing your products with e-commerce at home and abroad is your box and then your product. Users who pay attention to many details, from the quality of the box used in the packaging to the care shown, before the product quality, increase the possibility of losing customers due to their products damaged by careless packaging. Moreover, the mishaps experienced due to the wrong box forms and designs preferred in packaging will come back to you as negative comments. The method that will protect you from comments that have a negative effect on your brand image is box designs specially produced for e-commerce & logistics.


What are e-commerce & logistics boxes? Are e-commerce and logistics boxes any different from other box forms?

First of all, let's note that each box form and design has different dimensions for the product. In addition, the boxes have different features in terms of design and functionality. In this context, you should determine what kind of packaging model you should choose when determining the box products that your institution needs.

For example, boxes with a modular structure in the form of body + lid can be opened very easily and offer a practical use. However, extra precautions should be taken, such as tightly taping the cover so that it does not open during transportation. In addition, box designs with a self-locking system offer a more protective opportunity and create a reliable packaging opportunity with extra application such as banding.


What do e-commerce & logistics box designs consist of?

It is necessary to pay attention to the first class quality of boxes with different sizes and forms according to your product portfolio. Because packaging, which represents the most critical stage of the e-commerce logistics process, is the most important element that prevents the product from breaking or being damaged during transportation. While foam specific to the product design can be used to fix the product in the box, it is possible to provide the same opportunity by making the box divided. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of kraft and its derivatives as box material. Thus, it is possible to obtain a more durable box.


In order to achieve optimum efficiency, boxes of different sizes can be designed according to your product range and average basket ratio. In addition, it is very beneficial for brand positioning to have your brand emblem printed on the front or cover section of the boxes, which should reflect your corporate image. In addition, the use of colored boxes is a choice that has a positive effect on your corporate image. Box designs suitable for your product range, especially by representatives of boutique sectors such as cosmetics, express an important way to impress your customers.


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