Packaging processes are both easier and safer with automotive spare part boxes, which are revealed by analyzing the spare parts sector needs. The boxes, which have different sizes, designs and forms, are designed with configurable flexibility according to the type and size of the spare part. Sensitive spare parts are now safe with specially designed box forms for spare parts manufacturers who aim to better manage their cargo and packaging processes.


What are automotive spare parts boxes and what are they not?

The functionality of the boxes, which ensure the safe transportation of various materials, varies according to their usage areas. It is not correct to talk about the same box form and quality for every product.

For this reason, there are more durable box designs with the most suitable box form and raw material for the needs of the automotive spare parts sector. Especially in the process of boxing function of heavy spare parts, the need for durable boxes is quite high. Thus, the possibility of the box being punctured and deformed due to part pressure is minimized. With the box, safe transportation of the spare part becomes possible.

If the boxes manufactured and designed for the automotive industry are thin and uncoated, the probability of deformation increases. Therefore, in terms of material selection and production technology, the production of boxes produced specifically for the automotive sector using qualified materials is inevitable in terms of spare part safety. In addition, another point to be considered at this point is to prioritize functionality in boxes.

How are automotive spare parts box designs prepared?

The spare parts industry has many different material designs. It is advantageous to prefer spare parts boxes, which stand out with their special design, especially during the boxing of vital parts. Because, in specially designed boxes, the fixing chambers suitable for the part model and design are designed in a one-to-one harmony with the shape of the material. Thus, the material will not be shaken during transportation. Thanks to the box systems with chambers, one hundred percent protection of the material is ensured, while the decomposition of the parts is prevented.

Spare part box designs include standard boxes as well as different box options that can be adjusted according to the leg size. Large, medium and smaller sized boxes can be custom manufactured according to the characteristics of your spare part product range. In addition, special box systems can be designed for very sensitive plastic parts, glass or spare parts with different material details.

Spare parts are safer with automobile box designs manufactured using first-class materials!


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