Beverage and food-class products are in the category of the most attention-grabbing. In this respect, it is very important that the packaging technologies have a form that does not harm the product content, protects the product and is suitable for maintaining its freshness. With the new generation technology and box technologies, it is possible to produce boxes with functional use specific to the food and beverage industry. Whether it is liquid, solid or gel foods, food and beverage boxes that provide optimum efficiency with special work are produced in accordance with your brand strategy.


What are food & beverage boxes?

It is necessary to pay attention to the safe journey of the products that are aimed to be delivered to the final consumer, from the first journey to the last moment. In this process and in each of the stages, there may be external factors that harm the product. Products exposed to various external factors, from the freshness of the product to the deterioration of its structure, cause damage.

The primary way to prevent these is to take advantage of packaging products that meet the protective, food codex standards. Our brand, which has a very efficient product range in this regard, produces special box designs for your business product range by considering high standards.

The prominent designs in food and beverage can products may vary according to liquid and solid products. In addition, there is a need for separate boxing criteria for hot and cold product services. For example, thanks to the thick structure of pizza boxes, it is aimed to confine the heat inside the box. However, for a restaurant, the consideration in the cake boxes is the design and the dimensions suitable for the cake size. In order to decide on the box features that vary according to the product content, the products in your product range should be analyzed.


Information about food & beverage can designs

Box sizes designed according to the product size have dimensions and dimensions that allow a product to be stocked without disturbing its structure. At this point, the advantage to be obtained by performing the best scaling process is to keep the box costs at the best level. Thus, you can have the opportunity to make competitive pricing on product prices with the savings achieved. In addition, while paying attention to the selection of first-class materials in terms of ensuring efficiency, productions in accordance with the prominent trend box designs are included. Particularly, the safe transportation of products is facilitated by the production of divided boxes and boxes, which make the transportation of liquid foods better and undamaged.

In box and parcel designs, useful boxes that contribute positively to brand awareness and image are produced by printing the brand emblem, colors and special designs on the boxes.


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